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 I Re-build Colt LE 6940 Rifles

Phil Arrington - Born Jan. 27, 1946 in Dallas, Texas. I was introduced to shooting at the age of 6 by my grandfather and have been shooting, hunting and reloading ever since. I was a Volunteer Arizona Hunter Education  Instructor for many years and Iím now an Appointed NRA shooting coach in high power. I have competed in High Power competition nationally with an expert classification (arthritis has caused me to stop competing). I have built rifles for myself and friends since I was 18 years old. Since the early 1980ís I have been building high quality US service rifles for myself and other shooters. I am well trained in the Marine/Army/Navy way of building National Match Service rifles. Many shooters have used rifles I built for them to become state and national champions and to earn distinguished rifleman medals. I specialize in building National Match M-1, M-14/M1A and M-16/AR-15 rifles, the Army/Marine/Navy way. I also build tactical and long range rifles for the military, LE units and individuals.

   My articles on match tuning M-1, M-14/M1A and M-16/AR-15 service and Tactical rifles have appeared in Gun World magazine and Shotgun News. My match armorer's work written up in the July, 2001 issue of the NRA's USA Shooting Sports Magazine.

   Since the early 1990ís during the summer, I have taught the NRA Armorerís school for match conditioning and accurizing of the M1 Garand, M14/M1A rifle, and AR-15/M16 rifle and an AR15/M16 Law Enforcement Armorer Certification class at Lassen College in Susanville, Murray College in Tishmingo, OK. and now Trinidad College in Trinidad Co. I have taught hundreds even thousands of gunsmiths and individuals how to build match service rifles the way the Navy, Army and the Marines do and how to maintain those rifles for top accuracy.

   The rifle for you should be built correctly and made to perform the way you would like it to perform. For me, giving you a rifle that will live up to your expectations with reliability and safety is what I want to do. I invite you to come by, call or e-mail me your questions. I will make every effort to answer all your questions. You are now invited to roam around my 2 websites, look at the pictures and enjoy.

Thank you for coming by Phil Arrington.

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LAZER ENGRAVING - Arrington Accuracy Does LAZER ENGRAVING - Arrington Accuracy does LAZER ENGRAVING


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Champion's Choice Catalog

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Rick and Paul, Air Force Shooting Team members in Kuwait. note A/F shooting team on cart


Derrick Martin of Accuracy Speaks in Iraq

2 out of 10 National Champions at Camp Perry, 1998 used Arrington Accuracy National Match Service Rifles

See Potpouri page of Photo Album for more High Power Pictures

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